Monday, September 14, 2009

Additional American troops help Canadians win Afghans' trust

Canada's Chief of Defence Staff General Walt Natynczyk welcomes the addition of American reinforcements in Southern Afghanistan. For three years, one battalion of Canadian troops has been holding back Taliban militants while trying to win the Afghans' trust. Spread so thin, securing the area has taken precedence over helping the Afghans work their land to support themselves. With the addition of seven American battalions to the area in 2009 plus a brigade of the Afghan army and growing ranks of Afghan police, NATO troops can allocate more help to local communities in rebuilding their roads, schools and economy. Despite severe losses, Canadian troops still believe in their mission. They can see their efforts have brought improvements despite the Taliban insurgency, which continues to threaten their day-to-day security. To quit Afghanistan before it has sufficient government forces and police to sustain itself would be to mock all those comrades who have sacrificed their lives over the past seven years. Canadian troops are determined those they have lost will not have died in vain.

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