Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Highway to Heroes

Yesterday, Canada welcomed home more of her war heroes. Over Christmas we have lost four more in Afghanistan--total 107 (as of Jan. 9, 2009). As I stood on the Bennett Road bridge near our community, it was heart rending to see such a long line of hearses and black limos carrying families of the fallen soldiers--the longest to date. Now people line the highway as well as the bridges and more and more young people are turning out with their parents and friends. When Americans think of Canadians, I wonder if you understand what passionate people we are. Unlike the peacekeepers' experience in Rwanda in 1994--and mine--where we came home to absolute ignorance and apparent apathy on the public's part, everyone supports our troops and their families. Canadians understand the sacrifice and want the families of those who have died for their country to feel the love and care of their fellow citizens. I only wish there was some way we could show tributes to the wounded and their families--for the wounded and injured far outnumber the dead. The story about the HIghway to Heroes is shown on video here:

As we welcome in the new year--2009, it's hard to imagine that the Americans have been fighting in Iraq and our Canadian armed forces together with the Coalition, which also includes American troops, have been in Afghanistan longer than we were overseas in WWII. And still there is no end in sight to the fighting. Now Israel has decided it too is not tolerating continual rocket attacks and war in Gaza seems imminent. We long for peace--for all peoples, yet it seems further and further down a long tunnel where no light beckons. At least as the clock ticks down at midnight, there will be a momentary pause for us all to be as one in our wish for peace, love and safe keeping. Happy New Year!


  1. May the New Year be your year, Bonnie, that a publisher finally recognizes the talented writer you are and publishes your book. I feel so sad when I hear of another young man has fallen in these war zones. I'm thankful every day that my two nephews made it home.

  2. DEar Rita,

    Let your nephews know that I too am grateful they made it home and that people like you and me do understand what they have lived with and endured/suffered. We can never judge what they are called to do as soldiers defending our countries.